Hello from Meograph

Meograph, Inc, became a company today.  Please allow us to introduce ourselves.

Everyone has a story to tell.  Everyone is creative.  But not everyone knows how to use professional audio/video/image tools, nor has the time.  We aim to make it incredibly easy and fun for anyone to create beautiful interactive multimedia that you can easily share and embed.

Our first product pairs Google Earth/Maps with a timeline to resemble a video player.  You can play back stories in context of where and when, plus link external content to each moment for a truly interactive experience.  We hope it’s a great way for journalists to engage their readers, teachers to inspire their students, travelers to tell their tales of adventure, and anyone to share their life story with friends and family.

This fall we will release an app to let you meograph on the go.  Later, we will start to offer other 3D models as platforms on which to tell stories, and eventually let you upload your own so Meograph can help you convey meaning on any type of object important to you.

We are a team of about a dozen developers, designers, and business folks across a few west coast locations.  This is as much a mission to help people tell their stories as it is a company, and that keeps us pretty pumped and working fast.  Thanks for checking us out, and say hello anytime at blog@meograph.com!


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