Our first product update

by meograph

We just rolled out a bunch of exciting and requested features!  New stuff includes:

  • Viewing on Google Maps: For those who can’t/won’t install the Google Earth plugin
  • Playback controls: Pause, rewind, and fast forward through moments of the story
  • Context button: Click to explore external content linked to any element of the narrative
  • Graphical refresh: Cleaner and more modern look and feel
  • Simple authoring: Much easier online authoring capabilities for our beta users

We’ve only been coding now for about two months, and looking to release for everyone to start using in July.  Other features in the pipeline include a dead-simple graphical authoring tool, embedder to share on external sites, quick multimedia loading, and responsive design to work well on any device.

Also have been getting some great press, please check out www.angel.co/meograph#press.  This has led to a flood of interest from journalists, educators, lawyers, marketers, travelers, and folks just wanting to tell their own stories.

Already looking forward to launch!