4-dimensional storytelling

Month: July, 2012

Add media to tell your story

Now that you’re familiar with the basics of Meograph, let’s add media to give your story some color.

While editing a meograph, click on Photo or YouTube.

Your picture will show up soon thereafter.  You can zoom, pan, and rotate.

Your video will have a slider on it, which you can drag to reposition video clip time.

Write us anytime at and we will respond quickly.

Have fun telling your story!

Meograph team


Meograph: Looks cool, how do I use it?

Now that you’re an official Meographer, you can create stories as easy as 1-2-3.

First, click either “Create a meograph”, or “Edit” to update an existing one.
   – or –   

1) Add a moment to your story by clicking the yellow Add button.

2) When (year or date) and Where (any location) did the moment happen?  What happened?

3) Add audio Narration, and upload Photos or link YouTube videos.

Please write us anytime at and we’ll respond quickly.

Looking forward to seeing your stories,

Meograph team