Tell your life story with Meograph!

by meograph

We’ve now covered the basicsadding media, and recording audio narrations.  Let’s put it all together with the story you know best: your own life story!

To get you started, here are a few suggested moments:

  • Born: Date of birth, birthplace, picture of you as a baby
  • School: Year you started school, location of campus, picture of you at school
  • Highlight: Date of a memorable event, location, description of why it was it memorable
  • Present: Current year, current location, what are you up to nowadays

Just enter the When and Where for each moment, add Media and Narration if you like, and you’ll be ready to share your story in just a few minutes!

As always, please write us anytime at and we’ll respond quickly.

Looking forward to seeing your story,

Meograph team